On Mediums, Myths and the Mind..

15 Feb

Some years ago at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida, USA, a group of practicing witches stayed at the historic Cassadaga Hotel for one of the weekends that I was there and conducted a ceremony for the purpose of capturing a ghost in a container through magical incantations.  How could the subtle body of a spirit personality possibly be confined within in a physical object?  I remember laughing my head off when I heard about this from another medium at the camp.

A distinguished leader in the Spiritist movement in the Philippines claims to receive highly evolved messages from Saint Michael through a trance medium affiliated with his local Spiritist center. This organizational leader does not question the information or the source of the alleged communications.  Instead he believes and follows every word regardless of the dubious nature of the content.

According to these purported spiritual communications, the high temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth creates an impregnable barrier making it impossible for any disembodied spirit or man-made space vehicle to break through.  “Saint Michael” allegedly revealed through his chosen medium that the Apollo and other NASA space missions were complete hoaxes and the extreme temperatures found in this region of the atmosphere form the basis for the concept of hell.

How could anyone of any intelligence believe such rubbish?  The atmosphere around the Earth certainly will not prevent a launched space vehicle from leaving the atmosphere nor will it deter a spirit personality from exiting.  While there are lower regions of the astral or spirit realms that account for the universal concepts of hell, such spheres have nothing to do with the physical atmosphere surrounding the Earth.

The pastor of a well established Spiritualist church I know blindly follows the trance teachings of a housewife who claims to channel a prominent Christian archangel.  Purportedly, the consciousness of the medium completely leaves the physical body while the archangel moves about, eyes wide open, conversing with those present as the higher teachings are imparted.  Anyone familiar with trance mediumship understands that one of the common myths associated with such mediumship is that the spirit personality completely goes into the physical body of the medium. Generally, such displays of trance have been used as an excuse for silly antics and ridiculous statements.  The information given by this medium is certainly far fetched and lacking depth. What is sad is that the information is accepted whole heartedly, without reservation with the minister regularly consulting the medium about nearly every one of his private and professional affairs.

Do you believe everything that is told to you by a medium?  Wouldn’t it be intelligent to question the source of the information and shouldn’t the content of such messages, especially it sounds illogical, be questioned?  Spiritism teaches intelligent discernment and not blind acceptance of purported channeled communications or related psychical phenomena.  Spirits cannot be captured and placed like an insect in a bottle nor will the physical atmosphere surrounding the Earth prevent a spirit personality from traveling through it.  Unreasonable assertions should be rightfully questioned and the proponents of such claims should be intelligently challenged.

Many people are drawn initially to Spiritism because of the phenomena and amazing displays of communication with deceased loved ones and guides.  Unfortunately many of such individuals rarely progress past this stage and forever entertain themselves  and mentally masturbate  over whatever delusions are presented to them. Ω


2 Responses to “On Mediums, Myths and the Mind..”

  1. lori marshall February 15, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

    Excellent article Steve. I also find it disheartening and frustrating as it appears there are to many frauds and charlatans in Mediumship work. Shame on those that are dishonest, greedy and egotistical enough to lie to people about the realms of spirit. Mediumship should be for healing and be 100% genuine. People do need to take the responsibility of logic and discernment, only then will the fakes be shut down. Keep writing and educating the public Steve… good work!

  2. renz March 23, 2013 at 10:05 pm #

    this is brilliant brother “Spiritism or spiritualism” is a science that you are required to study every spirit communication not to accept it blindly. keep up the good work,, love and blessings

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