The Vibrations of Lake Pleasant

2 Oct

The greatest place to do mediumship on the planet…

I have been pretty busy since August 4 when in the USA for my latest mediumship tour.  I was intending to write more comprehensive articles for this blog, but I have just been way too involved in teaching and have not had the time. This past Sunday, September 30 I got to serve the National Spiritual Alliance at Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts as a guest speaker, healer and medium.  Around 30 years ago I first heard of Lake Pleasant and received my first mediumship reading.  It cost me only two dollars for a half hour session.  At one point Lake Pleasant was the largest Spiritualist camp or summer resort in the country with crowds of up to 20 thousand attending the programs during the early camps seasons in the 1870’s and 80’s.  All of the prominent mediums served Lake Pleasant and many owned cottages.  People traveled from around the world to attend the Spiritualist meetings and social activities that took place during the camp season.

There were only 15 people attending the service at the Spiritualist temple run by the National Spiritual Alliance, an organization that broke off from the larger National Spiritualist Association(the group that I hold credentials with).  At one point TNSA had over two hundred churches around the USA. Now there is the temple at Lake Pleasant and one in Keene, New Hampshire that was started by one of my former students two years ago.

I have always loved serving at Lake Pleasant as the energy is so powerful.  Although TSNA holds a camp week each July the official camp, a separate organization from the TSNA, folded in 1976.

Monday I drove up to Keene, New Hampshire where I served as guest speaker, healer and medium at the Cycles of Spirit Spiritualist Church, which holds services at the local Unitarian Universalist church.  There were around 20 people in attendance and the energy was extremely high.

Spiritualist meetings are great in that they provide an opportunity for people in this physical world to connect with inhabitants of the spirit world.  It is such a blessing to be able to serve as an intermediary for the spirit people to work through.  Although the numbers at both the services of physically present people were small there were hundreds and hundreds present from the spirit world.  A regularly scheduled service is an appointment with the spirit world and much effort on their part goes into making the communications and healing take place.   The spirit operators put so much emphasis and energy into creating the best possible, most harmonious psychic atmosphere.  The fact that many congregations at Spiritualist churches are more dead than people in the spirit world does not help.  Singing and enthusiasm raise the vibration.  Sitting in the pews lethargic or like corpses deadens the vibration.  Thank God that at places like Lake Pleasant, which has been used for almost 140 years for mediumship, the vibrations are already there.  At Lake Pleasant or similar early Spiritualist camps it is like walking into the spirit world as the vibrations are so powerful.

This coming weekend I am holding my 9th annual Psychic Mediumship Retreat in Shutesbury, Massachusetts at the Sirius Retreat Center.  I am really excited as we generally get participants from all over the USA as well as abroad.  I will write something in this blog and post it about what happens as we will be doing much work involving trance, etheric surgery as well as mediumistic art.


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