Channeling Green Lizards From Other Planets

29 Jan

The first time I toured New Zealand back in 1999 I conducted an “Advanced” mediumship workshop in Wellington, which quite a few of the local mediums and more experienced students attended along with several non Spiritualist women involved in the new age movement.   During the workshop I did a short guided meditation to build the energy up and help participants to connect with their doorkeeper.  At the conclusion of the meditation I had participants share their experiences with the group.  As we went around the students related connecting with the spirit personalities involved in assisting them with their mediumship.   When it came to her turn, one of the non Spiritualists present happily related how excited she was that during her meditation she had been able to connect with her main guide, who was a green lizard from another planet.   It was amusing looking at the facial expressions of many of the older Spiritualists and mediums in attendance.

The exact same type of situation took place two years later when I returned to New Zealand to again teach an “Advanced” mediumship workshop in Wellington.  This time I had a young lady, non Spiritualist, come up in front of the group, sit cross legged in a chair, close her eyes and proceed to channel.  “That was a dolphin consciousness..” She explained once she opened her eyes. I am not sure if she noticed the look of all the elderly Spiritualists and mediums.  While I have no problem bringing through non human forms of life as part of my mediumship, I did not discern any dolphin working through her.  She was, however, slightly inspired by her guides, who influenced her with some of the ideas that she verbally expressed.

While Spiritualism is based on science, it always amazes me how deluded people can be when it comes to developing and practicing mediumship.  Since working with psychic abilities involves using the mind of the medium it is pretty easy, when inexperienced or not of sound mind, to confuse one’s own imagination from genuine psychic impressions.  Not that this is necessarily bad as in the initial stages of developing mental mediumship, the more that student mediums are encouraged to share and express what they are experiencing the better.  Even if most or all of what they experience is a product of their own imagination or originating from their unconscious mind expressing such information is essential for the development of mental mediumship.  Not sharing such internal experiences, whether genuine psychic impressions or self-generated thoughts, result in blocking the spirit personalities involved in developing the medium from conveying mental impressions.  I always tell my students when sharing to not worry if something they are experiencing is from the spirit world or not.  Give it out as you get it.

As a student medium in the course of their development receives feedback and experiences genuine communications from the spirit world, they naturally will learn to differentiate between what is a product of their mind and what is coming through from their team of spirit helpers.  Since mental mediumship involves using the information contained in the mind of the medium this often is challenge for students involved in development.

Unfortunately many experienced mediums, although sincere,  are completely deluded and after many years involvement working with the spirit world still cannot tell what is them and what is from spirit.   This happens all the time with trance speaking, especially if the degree of influence of the controlling spirit personality is weak.  The trance personality expressed through the medium is a composite personality of the medium and the communicating spirit personality.  Of course, what generally ends up happening is that the medium will embellish or add to the communication by overly dramatic mannerisms, phony accents and childish behavior.

How many of you reading this blog have witnessed a medium crawling across the floor because they believed their control didn’t have legs?  Or start baby talking in a squeaky voice when their child joy guide comes through?  There was a time in Spiritualism when many mediums channeled such child guides, often members of minority groups, who spoke in broken English perpetuating the worse racist stereotypes.  I am not sure if this is worse than the medium in California whose higher guides contorted her physical body like a pretzel when she channeled wrapping her legs in back of her head.  I could go on with many of such examples, but I think that I have made my point.

Such ignorant displays purporting to be authentic mediumship only mislead those who don’t know  and turn off those with sufficent intelligence and discernment to know better.  It is also interesting how many people involved in Spiritualism recognize such exhibitions of delusion, yet out of not wishing to offend do absolutely nothing to prevent it and allow it to go on in a public settings such as Spiritualist church platforms.

Mediumship functions according to scientific principles, and although mental mediumship is a subjective intuitive experience, students involved in development need to know the mechanics of how it works.  In addition, students of mediumship must learn to question the spirit world and not just blindly accept things as being a certain way.

When receiving communications mentally from the personalities in the spirit world there is a feeling or energy that comes with such messages that distinguishes it from that originating within the mind of the medium.  The biggest block to telepathically receiving communications is the analytical mind of the medium.  Future blog entries will examine how to effectively prevent such interference from the logical mind and how to achieve proper attunement with the spirit personalities.


3 Responses to “Channeling Green Lizards From Other Planets”

  1. Jim McArthur January 29, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Excellent observations! Who was it who said, “Test the spirits. . . ” 🙂

  2. Yoga Chick Lisa February 29, 2012 at 4:40 am #

    Interesting. I would like to read more on your thoughts about trance mediums.

  3. Lori Marshall December 19, 2012 at 1:06 am #

    Wonerful read Steve… Great info, Thank you!

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